About Us

My name is Aimee and I am the proud owner of Purposeful Play NB. Each toy has been hand made carefully by me, in my shop in Keswick Ridge, NB.

My journey into wooden toys happened after I had my son Theo in 2019. I have always been drawn to the design and natural properties of wooden toys. As Theo got older I found myself looking for more natural, open-ended, Montessori toys to broaden and expand his imagination. I strive to support local Canadian brands whenever I can, and this is when I realized how few options there were when it came to Canadian handmade toys. This is when Purposeful Play NB came to life. 

Join me on my adventure as I bring fun and creativity into your home with natural materials that will stimulate your child's imagination in many different ways.

Our toys are guaranteed to be ethically made with non-toxic materials.